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Instant Art Quilt
The class that lives up to its name

Have you ever bought a fabric that was so gorgeous you were hesitant to cut it up? Now, you can use the beauty of that fabric to QUICKLY and easily make a fantastic art quilt!  Following Ellen's instructions, you’ll tear your fabric, then arrange those pieces onto a base fabric, using a placement plan. Your results are guaranteed to be awesome. Not only that, but this process is so fast, that within just a few hours, you’re likely to have it quilted - and possibly even finished!  You’ll be amazed at your quick and beautiful results!

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Wondering if this class is a good fit for you and your sewing machine?  Read Class Requirements, below.

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"This has been such a fabulous class...
can't remember when I have
enjoyed one so much!"
A. Carole Grant

Class Requirements:

Sewing machine - with a walking foot
Sewing skills - Students must be comfortable attaching and using the walking foot.
Computer software- In order to access class lessons, students need the free downloadable software Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click here to download it. 

Optional - Students who would like to share (upload) images of their quilts should also reference How It Works, for additional technical information. (Sharing images is not a requirement of this course.)

Class Schedule:

All classes start on a Friday.  The first lesson will be posted by noon on that day, Eastern time.  Each subsequent lesson will be posted on the following Fridays.  However, each lesson is available for two weeks, so they overlap.

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