Ellen Lindner, Adventure Quilts

Most recent pieces shown first.  (Underlined titles indicate links to larger views.  Click on the image or the title.) 

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Taking Flight

Oak Green Farm

Ti Party

Curly Croton Mosaic

White Poppies

Image - Garden for Peggy, art quilt by Ellen Lindner, AdventureQuilter.com
A Garden for Peggy

Quiet Dappled Light, an art quilt by Ellen Lindner, AdventureQuilter.com
Quiet Dappled Light

Ellen Lindner Thorns and Berries
Thorns and Berries

Image - red abstract collage
Notes for a Friend

Image - Colorful croton leaf on a blue background
When Crotons
Cut Loose
Image - colorful leaves on a blue background

Image - blue-green background with orange rectangle and circles
After Much

Image - bright flowers on dark background

Image - brown background with tan undulating line
Sketching with
Silk #2

Image - tan background with undulating rust line
Sketching with
Silk #1

Image - pink cruciform
Cruciform #4

Image - orange fabrics with mangos photo
Mangolicious II

Image - 4 pieces, blue sky, yellow foreground
Horizon Line
Image - Berries in Blue
Rhapsody in
Blue Berries
Image - Ripening II
Ripening II

Image = Baltic Sea thumbnail
By the Baltic Sea
Image - Ti Plants thumbnail
Ti Plants
Image - Cruciform #3 thumbnail
Cruciform #3

Image - Untitled thumbnail
Blossom Boogie
Image - Gold Pear small
Gold Pear
Image - Gold Bananas small
Gold Bananas

Image - Solar Flair small
Solar Flair

Image - Lakeside Citrus small
Lakeside Citrus
Image Tropical Fruit small
Tropical Fruit
Image - blue water and sky
Harbor Peace
Image Reeds and Rushes small
In Amongst
the Reeds and Rushes

Image - Green Pear small
Green Pear
Image - Green Apple small
Green Apple
Image - Cosmo Duet small
Cosmo Duet
Image - Cosmo Boogie
Cosmo Boogie
Image Cosmo Cotillion small
Cosmo Cotillion
Image Reconciliation small
Image Whispered Prayers small
Image Security small

Image Woman Found small
Woman Found
Image - Out of the Blue small
Out of the Blue

Image - Exhilaration
Image - Urban Sprawl TN on gray
Urban Sprawl
Image - Mangolicious
Image - San Juan Scenery small
San Juan Scenery

Image - Fire

Image - Fire at Night
Fire at Night
Image - Misty Morn
Misty Morn
  Image - Lively Conversation
Lively Conversation
Image - abstract, purple background with orange and yellow strips
Number 3, with
an Eggroll
Image - Canyon Colors
Canyon Colors

Image - aspen trees with golden leaves against a brown background
Autumn Breeze

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Ellen enjoys teaching quilting skills to others. See additional student work in these galleries:
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Double Reverse Applique
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Sticky Fingers (Glued Collage)

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